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<p>Former Contributor They told me it’d all be different once I left college, that it was going to be either one of the other: I’d be either swimming in misery hoping to go back, or so blessed with my life that I wouldn’t be able to recall the long nights […]</p>
<p>Jeff Brisket Homs, Syria—In a small house on the outer fringes of Homs, Syrian parents Malek and Lama Isstaif are very excited to hear their son Tariq’s last words. “It’s just an incredible moment, you know?” Malek explained. “Your last words can say so much, and when we hear them […]</p>
<p>Tejas Joshi CLEVELAND—In a surprising public announcement Tuesday, Case Western Reserve University has announced that the university will be taking academic year 2017-2018 off. The decision to take a gap was reached unanimously and independently by every faculty, staff and administration employee. Some employees supported the move so they could […]</p>
<p>Alaina Lisanti The myriad of guests at The Jolly Scholar’s ‘80s Night cheered in excitement as the opening chords to Europe’s classic “The Final Countdown” rang through the restaurant this past Thursday. A select few, both sober and not-so-sober alike, set their food and drinks aside and took to the […]</p>

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