10 ways Spirit Airlines saves money

Leticia Dornfeld

  1. Charge you $10 to print your ticket at the airport.


  1. Charge $50 for the first checked bag and $55 per carry-on bag.


  1. Charge an extra $55 if your checked bag is 40.1 pounds instead of 40 pounds.


  1. Don’t ensure that the flight crew arrives on time so the plane doesn’t have to leave at the scheduled time.


  1. Load you and the other passengers onto the plane, but wait 30 minutes for that one flight attendant that they didn’t schedule. After one and a half hours, load everyone off the plane because of a maintenance issue.


  1. Reschedule your flight for two hours ahead of the original time. Repeat three times before officially cancelling your flight.


  1. Cancel your flight half an hour before takeoff but not change the “on time” status on the departures board.


  1. Don’t offer to help book you with another airline to get to your destination on time. It’ll guarantee that you take Spirit flights only.


  1. Not pay for your hotel room when they cancel and/or reschedule your flight for the next day.

1. Give $50 vouchers instead of refunding your ticket. When you ask again for a refund, they’ll give you $100 vouchers.

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