5 themes that will make your prom a hit

Anastazia Vanisko

Under the Sea

There’s no way this classic can go wrong. All you really need to do is spread green streamers all over the floor and call it seaweed, then hang some paper fish from the ceiling. If you want to get fancy, you can hire professional actors to dress up as Nemo and Dory, then charge people to take pictures with them so you can recover the costs. To jazz up the crowd and give a shout out to your theme, have the DJ play “Under the Sea” from “The Little Mermaid” on repeat. That one never gets old.


Industrial Revolution

For this one, try to book an abandoned factory for your location. A spacious boiler room will do for the dance floor. Be sure to fill it with enough smoke to have everyone coughing up a storm. Anything less means you didn’t get the ambience quite right. For your guests, the best part will be that no one needs to dress up. People can arrive covered in grime and soot from head to toe with no risk of judgment. However, if they choose to artistically arrange the grime and soot on their faces, be sure to compliment them.



Throw it back to the 19th century with a Victorian era prom. The men will look refined and the women glamorous. After guests have arrived and found a parking spot, horse-drawn coaches will take them to the actual entrance. Since the Victorian age was one of propriety, everyone will be expected to bring their own chaperone, naturally. Hopefully all those chaperones will help speed along the breathalyzer checks at the doors. They can also ensure that none of that inappropriate dancing rampant at other proms occurs at yours. Parents will love it.



Make sure everything is pitch black and hand everyone headlamps as they arrive. Since guests will absolutely need the headlamps, there shouldn’t be any problem convincing them to wear it even though it might mess up their hair. Next, ensure that everyone properly puts their caving harnesses on so that they can find their way through the man-made cave you’ll have created to lead them to the dance floor. Try to not put too many surprises in the cave. After all, you don’t always know which bats have rabies, and inexperienced spelunkers might get lost if you make the path too complicated.


Crime Scene

Really play up the fake blood. Just dump that stuff everywhere. It doesn’t matter if people get queasy—you didn’t want people with weak stomachs to come anyway, right? Place a realistic mannequin in the middle of the dance floor and surround it with caution tape. Hire actual police officers to be chaperones and tell them to stand around the ‘body.’ Don’t announce this theme; the key is that people think a crime was actually committed over the weekend. If any individuals look more disturbed than average, though, you should probably tell him or her the body is fake. You don’t want to be sued for traumatizing someone, after all.

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