A Very Butt-tastic Crossword


Clues (themed clues are in bold)


1. a children’s toy that you sit on (with your butt)
6. what you might call a butt in Europe
9. as in, shake that (answer)!
10. what you might call someone who looks at your butt a little too intensely
12. haunches
15. Justin Timberlake is looking to do this to sexy with his great butt (2 words)
17. a prefix meaning outward, as in the direction your butt faces
18. a Spanish-born American biochemist (who probably had a butt)
19. your astrological sign is telling me that you have a great butt
20. the nonsensical words you might start to spew when in the presence of a really great butt
24. a long, slimy (and sadly, buttless) fish
25. a less than polite way of describing something, like a butt
26. to be cheeky (pun intended) with someone
27. friends with pepper

1. pork
2. something you need at a barbecue
3. a two-word phrase for when you are horribly attempting to play with a spinning disk toy (don’t worry, even though you can’t do this, you still have a great butt)
4. I could have this butt (first word) that butt, or I could have this butt (second word) that butt
5. someone who makes a hobby of exploring caves (sadly, there is not a word for someone who makes a hobby of exploring butts)
7. when you have already voted a butt as “Best Butt of the Year” and then you do it again the next year
8. pictured someone’s butt in my mind’s eye
11. a very old fashioned sounding three-word phrase to describe today’s butt obsessed culture
13. it would be strange for a butt to have this rectangular quality
14. one of the most common objects that doctors find stuck up their patients’ butts
16. if you can’t enjoy looking at a nice butt, you might have this disorder
21. an adjective you might use to describe a particularly wonderful butt
22. the opposite of front
23. as in, bring up the (word)


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