Abbreviations you thought you knew

Jessica Chalas

ARA (American Rental Association) – Association of Redundant Associations

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) – Confiscating Decidedly Contaminated things

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) – Clinically Insane Assassins

CWRU (Case Western Reserve University) – Crying With Remorseless Unhappiness

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)- Fattening Breakfast Initiative (an FDA initiative)

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – Fattening Diet Adopters

GMA (Good Morning America) – Grizzly Marauding Aardvarks

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) – Neurotic Association of Superfluous Airheads

PE (Physical Education) – Perpetual Exhaustion

RA (Resident Assistant) – Regulatory Attention-seeker

RHA (Residence Hall Association) – Required Housing Apprentices

S (Satisfactory) – Sustainable

USA (United States of America) – Uncensored State of Anarchy

USG (Undergraduate Student Government) – the Under-qualified Suck-ups Gang

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