All sports to be replaced with e-sports

Alana Whersh

Staff Reporter

Apparently some Case Western Reserve University students are still practicing the ancient art of moving around at medium to high speeds with archaic goals such as teamwork or “scoring goals.” I know, I know. I was surprised too.

But not all sports are disappearing instead CWRU is finally making the move that many higher education institutions are making across the country and switching to an e-sport only division (Division IV).

In response to this not so drastic decision one bleary-eyed senior said, “Didn’t they do that years ago?” The administration thinks this change will encourage more of the student population to participate in sports.

Putting it  rather eloquently one of the board members that approved the change said, “we just need something the students can … well physically do and we need to have physical education requirements to remain accredited luckily the definition of sports by the accreditation board was broad enough to allow this move.”

In another convenient accident for the school, the teams were already self-organized groups of highly motivated students with leauge of legends avatars. This move was so lateral the administration was happy to find out all leagues were already created and had active members going on long battles on a regular basis.

Some of the new sports teams that will finally be sporting CWRU Varsity gear and t-shirts  include Mario Super Smash Brothers Brawl, pacman, EA Soccer, EA Football, Tetris, 2048, league of legends, World of Warcraft, and Mario Kart.

The administration wasn’t alone in this decision to help make the logistics work out many student groups including UPB, SEC, REF, UDG, and SES elicited student feedback on the proposed changes and voted to name the teams. Unfortunately naming the teams never came to a unanimous decision so higher-ups went with the simple Team 1, Team 2, etc. system simply to avoid another nine hour meeting in which voting ended in another tie.

However, UPB and other student orgs are looking for student input on how the changes are going and if you have any proposed suggestions or would like another e-sport to be supported by the school please send comments to the president at,

I for one am very excited to finally get a varsity t-shirt for showing off my mad tetris skills.


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  1. Haha, you are forgetting the more competitive sports, like SC, Dota 2, CS and HotS. Speaking of which, did you know that our “Heroes of the Storm” team actually made it to top 64 from close to a thousand entries in the most recent national tournament?

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