Allergy-Conscious Food Options

By David Pendergast

“Serving individuals with serious food allergies is always a challenge in the food industry,” says Bon Appétit PR Spokesman Rob Burlow, adding that what works for one student may send another to the hospital.
Meeting the needs of every student is certainly a difficult task, especially at such a diverse university as Case Western Reserve, but Bon Appétit has always been praised for its accommodation of diverse dietary needs. “For years we’ve offered vegetarian, vegan, kosher and gluten-free meals, so why not serve a hypoallergenic one as well?” says Burlow.
Several menu items have already been announced on the company’s web page, and they’re scheduled to be introduced into Leutner and Fribley dining halls next fall.
One dish, called Spaghetti con Acqua, is a new twist on the traditional Italian pasta meal. “Instead of marinara sauce, we went with some nice purified mountain spring water. We found that it really brought out the rich flavor packed inside the whole-wheat noodles,” explains Burlow, remarking that, best of all, it’s a tasty treat that anyone can enjoy—even if they have a pesky vegetable allergy.
Another new item that students will surely enjoy replaces peanut butter. “So that even our students with nut allergies can make themselves a simple sandwich at lunch,” remarks Burlow.
This new sandwich filling, called Glacier Spread, is made from crushed ice and contains absolutely no nuts of any kind. “Our goal was to create a spread that no one could be allergic to, and H2O turned out to be perfect for the job,” explains Burlow, adding that the spread will give any sandwich a “satisfying crunch” and a “pleasant chill.”
“Don’t try toasting it though,” he warns, “or your sandwich may get soggy.”
These dishes, as well as Ice Cream sans Cream, Popsicle Hotdogs and an ice-only Quiche au Gratin are scheduled to debut this fall at the new hypoallergenic stations in Leutner and Fribley.
At press time, Bon Appétit employees were seen hauling tubs of ice into the kitchen, presumably to aid the creation of more delicacies.

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