Area mom likes every USG facebook status

Riddhi Patel

Photo by Barnabas Brennan

Facebook Mom_Barnabas Brennan

She is overenthusiastic. She is in her mid to late 50s. And she is decked out in as much Case Western Reserve University gear as possible: sweatpants, zip up, hoodie and hat. She is the CWRU mom.

You have seen her around campus and thought to yourself,­ “Is she a student or a very prideful professor?” Well you are wrong,­ she is a super mom. As part of being this ultra supportive mom, it is her duty to like all CWRU Facebook pages.

She’s liked everything from the Case Police Department to the Injustice Club. She is also an active member of every single Case Western Reserve University group, ­like Summer at Case and Lost and for Sale. She does not have a verified Case email, but that did not stop her from getting into these groups;­ she has CWRU mom status. She also likes every single USG Facebook status and then some.

These statuses come from two categories. Some are appropriate for mothers of CWRU students to like and some are statuses that mothers of students should not like. One of these inappropriate likes was a status asking for students to join the Student Conduct office; does she want to be a new member? During homecoming weekend, she participated in the “Why I love CWRU” event hosted by USG. Her reason was: “Because my kids go here and therefore so do I.” Someone wants to be a Spartan.

She has also applied to be Sparty the mascot and has attended more games than any CWRU student ­(her children are not on any sports teams). She made a Snapchat just so she could add them.
Regardless, she always brings that Facebook like count to a very high and promising number, making other Facebook users think: “Wow, that university has such an active student body always liking their Facebook statuses.” She’s also one of the only two people to leave a 5 out of 5 star review for page.

We caught up with her at one of the most recent soccer games. When asked why she was so involved on campus she said, “CWRU is such a great school and being a CWRU mom is a fulltime job and responsibility.”

Maybe she can instill some of her enthusiasm into the student body.

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