Back in the Year 2014

Jessica Chalas

Though my bones are brittle and my heart is cold, my mind is as sharp as a Spartan’s, courtesy of Case Western Reserve University. Ah, the olden days, the good times, the times when I could stomach five plates of food at Fribley and follow it up with a Denny’s burger at 3 a.m. The times when mutant ninja squirrels were not yet extinct and University Farms still had the capacity to grow food. The times when there were only two Veale centers, not four, and two Starbucks, not zero. (Maybe suing them for ridiculously overpriced coffee wasn’t the best idea after all.)

I remember when I could walk up the Elephant Stairs with a skip in my step, then play on the Carlton Courts until dusk. I remember the friends I could count on and the roommates that I couldn’t, the funniest teachers now buried in the ground. I remember when my biggest fear was zombies and running out of meal swipes; when math seemed to matter and a good grade meant I did something right. I remember when the major I chose led to the career I would have and dreams weren’t all for naught. I remember when prices at Constantino’s Market seemed high and when the money I’d borrowed had not yet accrued into a life-long death sentence. I remember, but vaguely.

What if I had actually stuck with BME and completed my pre-med requirements, had steered clear of Peter B. Lewis just a bit longer? What if I had learned to sing before trying to karaoke at Jolly Scholar on Thursdays – would I have gotten that date, and maybe, that ring? What if I was that leader of that one club, or volunteered at that one thing? Would I be as happy as I am now if I did anything differently…?

Hell no! Cheers to CWRU.

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