Big Expectations – From a Freshman’s Perspective

Greg Ritchey

Whoo! I have chosen the highest ranked academic university in the state of Ohio to be home for at least the next four years. College is an exciting time for us all. Case Western is the right choice!

I chose to come to CWRU and I have a pretty exciting idea of what college is like. My whole high school went to that state “party” school but I decided to take the educational high road. No worries though, every school is pretty much the same, right?

But, CWRU is even greater. Just like other colleges, there’s a cornucopia of food options available here, especially late at night. Pffh, you don’t pay $60,000 per year to eat past 10 p.m. Grow up. I should be studying, not eating anyway.

But it’s okay; at least I can go to all of the cool college parties! It seems like the statements “That party was fun last night!” and “My BAC was 0.315 last night!” are synonymous. But, simulating a CWRU party by drinking an entire bottle of Jack in a sauna while listening to “Shots” at full volume is just as fun. Whoo!

I really don’t mind the weather. It’s actually pretty nice most of the year.

And you know, I’ll learn to love this quirky school of ours and it will help me climb to the top. I can see it now: It’s me 10 years from now with two beautiful, screaming children, a lovely spouse (Tinder worked!) and a 65-hour per week job.

I did it all thanks to CWRU!


Really Optimistic Freshman

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