Big foot found on campus

By: Adithi Iyengar

Case Western Reserve University was put into a state of confusion when an extremely large foot was found on campus.

A student walking to class in the early morning found the giant foot while passing the Tinkham Veale University Center (TVUC). At first the student was confused and thought she was hallucinating due to a lack of sleep from doing homework until late the night before, but then she thought it was just a new weird sculpture on campus.

“With the Ugly Statue, the Wet-Dry Fountain and many others, it was only natural for me to think it was just another piece of art,” said the student. Once she realized that real blood was coming out of the foot, she immediately called the CWRU Police Department.

“I was horrified. I did the first thing that came to mind,” said the student.

The police came immediately to investigate the foot.

After further investigation, it was found that a lab in the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine was doing work on limb enlargement and they had misplaced the foot.

“One of the students working in the lab accidentally cut off his foot, so we decided to use it as part of our experiment,” said a researcher. “We’re just glad that someone found it. We were looking around campus all night.”

How the team lost the foot is a mystery to anyone. The good news is that the experiment was a success and the results will soon be published.

“Despite some unfounded concerns about Institutional Review Board regulation breaches and such, I think this was a pretty successful experiment,” said the researcher. The foot will be used as a high-tech device, used for finding furniture and lost lego pieces in the dark.

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