Big Let Downs – From a Sophomore’s Perspective

Disappointed Student

  • Case is cold for eight months of the year.
  • The parties are sub-par at best.
  • Your choices in the dining halls are stir fry or burgers.
  • Your choices outside the dining hall are bagels and places that don’t take Case Cash.
  • It’s cold.
  • College is pretty much stressing about papers and exams and projects unless you are a finance major.
  • We stole our mascot from an actual school.
  • Nobody knows what school you go to.
  • You tell them “Case Western Reserve University,” and they say “God bless you.”
  • It’s still cold. In April.
  • Then as soon as it starts to get warm, you have to study for finals.
  • If you are pre-med, you will have considered changing to nursing several times.
  • If you are BME, you will have considered changing to business several times.
  • $60,000 of tuition, and if you break a pipette in lab, you have to pay the $2.95. YOU CAN CHIP IN, CWRU.
  • It’s always, always cold.
  • Bon Appétit.
  • People need to learn how to make popcorn WITHOUT SETTING OFF ALARMS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.
  • And if someone isn’t burning something in the microwave, an ambulance is blaring by at 3 a.m.
  • Your degree is almost not worth the tuition.
  • Your degree is definitely not worth the tuition.
  • Your degree is only the slightest indication of what your spent the past four years doing, just on the off chance school doesn’t kill you.

Pessimistic Sophomore

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