Brand Crossword

Julia Bianco


1. These crafty supplies are easily found in one of the many sections of our corporate overlord.
5. The logo of our corporate overlord is so beautiful it could be described as this.
7. You wish you could get on the __ of our corporate overlord.
8. This country instrument is definitely available at the Tennessee version of our corporate overlord!
9. Our corporate overlord <3
10. Not yet available at our corporate overlord, but we someday hope to be!
13. Get rid of the dirty bunnies with cleaning supplies from our corporate overlord!
15. Our corporate overlord requires no ___, as they are the most well-known and well-regarded entity in the world.
16. Classy brands like these watches are also available at our corporate overlord’s.
17. Your child will have hours of fun with these playthings available from our gracious corporate overlord!
18. Portable round tents, easily found in the camping section of our corporate overlord’s.
1. Even feral cats can be found at our corporate overlord’s!
2. You can get everything to celebrate your time with your bae at our corporate overlord’s.
3. Don’t rush to make it to the corporate overlord! Take it ___.
4. Become skinny with all of the exercise equipment available at our corporate overlord’s.
5. You can measure how much of a caustic base something is with the corporate overlord’s version of this tool.
6. A delicious fruit-filled pie that I’m sure is available in bakeries at our corporate overlord’s.
11. These delicious Spanish treats are available pre-made in the frozen section at our corporate overlord’s!
12. Our corporate overlord is anything but _______.
13. This essential gardening product is available via our corporate overlord!
14. Flavored sugar for all of your candy needs, conveniently located at our corporate overlord’s.

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