Bring your work to kid day

Tejas Joshi

WASHINGTON—On March 22, over 148 million American parents celebrated Bring Your Work to Kid Day nationwide. On this one day of the year when the nation’s child labor laws are lifted, participants explored diverse careers including politicians, teachers, engineers and nurses, among many more.

Local firefighter Carolyn Lin describes how she spent this special day without her son.

“I dropped [Bailey] off at the station in the morning with some instructions about how to hold a hose and where to aim,” said Lin. “Honestly, I was a little worried that it would be a bit awkward to leave a kid with my colleagues but turns out that they were celebrating, too.”

She went on to add that “some of the kid chefs even left the burners on downtown, so he got plenty of experience.”

Still, the holiday is not without its detractors. A few critics of the day worry that it places undue stress on workers without kids. Lin, however, rebutted the claim by arguing that those workers could always participate in the Adopt-A-Child-For-A-Day policy to allow the youth in foster systems to experience an adult workload for a day. She went on to add that the educational value for students are unparalleled, stating, “No other country lets its students handle the full workload and responsibilities of, say, a surgeon or NFL player or marine for an entire day unsupervised. The U.S. is truly No. 1 in the world.”
At press time, a large pile of intelligence reports had been dropped on the desk of the temporary 11-year-old director of the CIA.

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