Campus closure mad libs

2:30 p.m. Campus Closure

CWRU Alert  <>

To __(noun)__


CWRU Alert: Case Western Reserve University is closing at 2:30 p.m. today because of a __(noun, sing.)__ main break at Euclid Avenue and East 120th Street affecting most __(noun)__ on campus. At this time, the CWRU __(noun, plural)__ does not have an estimate of when services may be restored; the university will __(verb)__ everybody as additional information becomes available.


__(noun, plural)__ who are returning to campus housing, or who already have arrived, will receive further information on accommodations from the Office of __(noun)__ Affairs.


The School of __(noun)__ clinic also is closed.


This closure applies to all employees except those deemed essential to the __(adjective)__ operations of the campus. “__(noun, sing.)__ employees” are those who provide critical support services in areas such as the Center, police, security, __(verb (-ing))__ services, and plant services.


Please watch your texts, emails, and for updates.

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