Caption This!


“Parking Meter feeling a little down, lately.”
“I’m a little tipsy, so I’m going to Denny’s.”
“This is why you don’t drink and walk.”
“Area parking meter reaches for its dreams.”
“Thanks Obama.”
“Local parking meter vigilante photobombs yet another business shot.”
“Yo momma’s so stupid she put a quarter in a parking meter and waited for a gum ball. Yo momma’s also so fat that she went to Denny’s afterwards.”
“Parking Lot Meter Rear-ends car”
“Last night’s ambulance driver got a bit excited, but fortunately, this parking meter was the only casualty.”
“Smart money’s on L’Albatros.”
“When I said ‘your drunk ass is gonna end up here some day,’ this was not what I had in mind.”
“Even the meter wants some Denny’s.”
“A Tipsy Meter fails to walk in a straight line.”
“Drink V8. Keep your diet straight.”

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