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Issue 70

The Real Disney Horror

Disney movies are cute and child-friendly on the outside, but their origins stem from some pretty dark places. Whoever was the first guy to think, “Hey, let’s take these stories about death and turn them into kids’ movies!” was pretty morbid. The stories aren’t bad stories—they’re just not children’s stories. […]

Meet Stabby the Reclusive Clown

A lone light bulb flickers across the room, casting a fleeting orange glow onto the otherwise darkened supermarket. Blood splattered everywhere—or is that ketchup? Oh god, don’t let them see you. The horror, the horror! Slashy the Clown wouldn’t be able to say how he ended up haunting a run-down […]

The Tale of the Goblin King

The goblin king didn’t always thirst for the slime of eyeballs, sliding down his throat, pierced by his long claws. Once, the goblin king was no king. He lurked in the ranks of the goblin plebeians, toiling under the cruel rule of King Ragnor. Each day brought smoke and toil […]