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Letter From the Editor

It’s no secret that Case Western stands out from other schools. We’ve seen our spot in the yearly rankings, read the diversity reports and witnessed the strangeness that is Humans versus Zombies. But, one thing never changes. We’ve still got the drama. That’s why our campus is so big. It’s […]


How to be Funny

Marisa Neel Would you like to be a comedy writer? Of course you don’t! There are lots of reasons not to: -You want to make a real salary. -The people of NBC aren’t really good role models. -Humorless audiences and abject failure doesn’t appeal to you. -You’re skeptical because you […]


A Summer Wish List AKA New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

Sarah Whelan Between (possible) part time jobs, sleeping 12 hours a day and tanning for basically all waking hours, summer can be a hard time to really accomplish anything. Not to mention going back home to all the regular chores you haven’t had to do for the past nine months. […]


Summer Suxxx

Charlie Topel Hey, idiots. It’s me. I’m back with another opinion. This is gonna start to be a regular thing, so you’re just gonna have to sit there and take it. You know what I can’t stand? Summer. It combines everything I hate about the world into one miserable season. […]

An Open Letter to Lebron James: Quit Playing With my Heart

Winchester Mac Cionaodha Do you hate me, Lebron? You, your beautiful bald head and powerful dunk played with my heart and then broke it. I loved you and you shattered that love into millions of pieces with your move to Miami. I watched you when you played in Akron. I […]


Matthew West Produces Top Christian Hit ‘Do Something’; Proceeds to do Nothing

Kayla Devault Reading the Bible and listening to the Newsboys was starting to become old news until the Fish started playing Matthew West’s now popular “Do Something.” This hit, which originally came out in 2012, inspired hundreds, if not thousands of Christians, to come together and sing at concerts hosting […]


Welcome to Indie Nation

Marisa Neel Sure, indie people sometimes give off the “God, I’m annoying because I feel the need to impose my hipsterness on everyone with a noisy typewriter” vibe. But we can’t ignore that it’s spreading. Thick-rimmed glasses and unnecessary facial hair have taken over. There are actually a lot of […]

CWRU Vigilante Vows To Locate New Campus Building

Kushagra Gupta Saying that she should have noticed sooner, returning Case Western sophomore Kayla Smith has informed reporters that she has reason to suspect that a secret new building might be opening on campus. At the time, Smith was waiting outside her professor’s office to discuss a time conflict caused […]

Working at a Summer Camp

Sabanrab Nannerb There are many ways to spend the summer in college. My great grandmother insists that young men used to bag groceries during summer break. But today, students have higher aspirations, like building wells in Africa or playing Black-Ops for 50 hours straight. I wanted to intern at a […]


Modern Art

Tejas Joshi CLEVELAND, OH—A local architectural fixture reportedly baffled freshman Case Western student Henry Dulce on Tuesday afternoon as he stood near Rockefeller. After his class finished early, Dulce confirmed that he had hoped to enjoy the not-quite-as-gloomy-as-usual weather and eat a wilted sandwich on the quad. Still unaware of […]

Summer’s Reality TV Hits

Julia Bianco Summer TV can often be a wasteland, with networks sending their worst shows to die while would-be viewers spend their time on other activities like hanging out with friends or actually going outside. This summer, though, the networks managed to push out some great new reality shows that […]


Essential Advice for Freshmen

Anastazia Vanisko As new students come pouring in and old students return for yet another year at Case Western Reserve University, it’s good to reflect on what we’ve learned in our time here and what we wish we had known from the beginning. It only seems fair that we share […]