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Editor's Note


Editor’s Note – Issue 77

Anne Nickoloff, Editor-in-Chief Case Western is a geographically large school. Need proof of that? Just ask any student who’s lived on Carlton Road and had an 8:00 a.m. class at the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center. Not fun. However, a big campus means regular big events. And I don’t mean […]


Big Let Downs – From a Sophomore’s Perspective

Disappointed Student Case is cold for eight months of the year. The parties are sub-par at best. Your choices in the dining halls are stir fry or burgers. Your choices outside the dining hall are bagels and places that don’t take Case Cash. It’s cold. College is pretty much stressing […]


Big Expectations – From a Freshman’s Perspective

Greg Ritchey Whoo! I have chosen the highest ranked academic university in the state of Ohio to be home for at least the next four years. College is an exciting time for us all. Case Western is the right choice! I chose to come to CWRU and I have a […]


How BIG is Your Obsession With Food?

You have had a dream about food, especially the cheese-covered kind. That last comment made you crave cheese-covered food. You take study breaks in between eating. The only reason you get off the couch from watching Netflix is to refill your plate. Tropical Smoothie should take meal swipes. Yes. If […]


XXX Family Presents: 13 Days of Hallowpeen

Julia Bianco XXX Family is proud to announce the schedule for our most popular event of the year, 13 Days of Hallowpeen. Get ready to get wild, get sexual and get spooky! Sunday, Oct. 19 “Hocus Poke-us” Three witch sisters, resurrected after three centuries, go on a hunt to get […]


United States National Debt Solved by Selling Textbooks

Meg Griffin As of yesterday, the United States was 17 trillion dollars in debt. That is equivalent to 650 million new cars, Lebron James for the next 850,000 years and 34 trillion condoms. If you spent 1 million dollars every day since Jesus was born, you would have not even […]


TVUC and Veale Center fight over name Veale: New Student Groups Battle for Name Rights

Paul Palumbo A new student group, naming themselves the “New Veale Society,” have started a petition to rename the new “Tinkham Veale University Center” into simply the “Veale University Center,” and name the current Veale Center “The Place with Treadmills and Stuff.” When asked why they feel so strongly about […]


Nerdy Party Gone Wrong: CWRU Nerds Finally Go Crazy

Anastazia Vanisko Red solo cups lay everywhere. There were broken windows and strange colored stains covering the carpet of the fraternity house. The night before had been wild. It had started innocently enough, with a few juniors deciding to have some friends over on a Friday night. Word spread like […]


Lebron: I’m glad you’re back, but it’ll take time for our relationship to heal

Winchester Mac Cionaoith Lebron, you’re making my head spin around and my heart flutter. Last time I wrote you a letter, I asked you to stop playing with my heart. It looks like you’ve listened. You haven’t left let. And now, our time has almost come. It’s almost season time. […]


10 Big Decisions for Freshmen

Paul Palumbo Leutner or Fribley? Fribley is really far away, but you heard the food there is better. Also you still don’t know how to pronounce “Leutner.” High Five or Fist-Bump Officer Mark? High fives are classic, but a fist bump is more personal and generally feels cooler. Which Residential […]

Bon Appétit Renames Dining Halls to Remain Hip, Happening

Winchester Mac Cionaoith In an effort to continue its recent trend of giving its dining options “fresh, hip” names, Bon Appétit announced today that it will be renaming Leutner Dining Hall “Cool Foodz Hall” and Fribley Dining Hall “Fribbles, My Nizzle, iz the Hizzle Hall.” Representatives from Bon Appétit, Case […]

How the Elephant Stairs Got Their Name

Kushagra Gupta People here are always curious. They wonder about things like, what does jaywalking on Euclid feel like? What’s it like to actually read the Daily? It’s these questions that make our campus so incredible. One thought that a lot of Case Western Reserve University students have wondered about […]


5 Ways to know Halloween is Coming

Anne Nickoloff, editor-in-chief 1. You just got back from a super-extended weekend, but the only thing on your mind is what will come next weekend. 2. Everyone’s thinking of their costumes, trying to avoid typical decisions like “cat” and “jock.” 3. As a last-minute decision, you go with the cat […]


Majority of Americans choose career path based on required college courses

Tejas Joshi WASHINGTON—According to a groundbreaking study released by the US News & World Report, 62 percent of currently active American workers reported that they chose their fields purely because the respective classes would give them a better schedule. The comprehensive report, which collected data from all 243 million working […]


CWRU Mad Libs Security Alert

CWRU Mad Libs Security Alert CWRU Police graciously have given the Athenian an advance copy of the latest security alert in response to our request, but have omitted some pertinent information. Instead of filling in the blanks ourselves, we have taken the liberty of turning the censored form into a […]