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“CWRU develops new, affordable housing for students.” – Barnabas Brennan “Here at Case, we emphasize the solo in red solo cup.” – Tiffany Cheung “Han Solo Cup Looking For Wookiee Thermos” – Charles Li “Litter from last CWRU football game remains. One person attended.” – Mahima Devarajan “CWRU archaeologists this […]


The Freshman Fifteen: Losing 15 pounds has never been easier

Jessica Chalas If you’re looking for an easy way to shed calories while eating to your heart’s content, Case Western Reserve’s Freshman Experience is for you! Forget diet pills or food restrictions of any kind. The only requirement to guarantee you shed weight fast is that you enroll as a […]

Restaurant Review: A New Local Favorite

Anton Ego I gaze down at my Omega Speedmaster Mark II to see the supple Swiss movement draw the minute hand to 11:20 a.m. My stomach rumbles, longing for the satisfaction it has forgone since breakfast. I like to take my lunch at the crème de la crème of the […]


Five Reasons to Change the Spartan to a Cat

Julia Biano Petition to change the Case Western mascot from a Spartan to a cat? Zomg yes, please. Here’s why: 5. Cats are much more representative of the CWRU population. Let’s face it, CWRU kids are much more likely to spend a night sitting in their dorms licking their hands […]

Security Presence on Campus Increased Following Recent Incidents

Raff Steporter CLEVELAND, OH – Acknowledging the increasing concern from students about their safety on campus, Case Western Reserve University announced today that it will be ramping up security with the hiring of a private security agency. At a press conference, a spokesperson for the university stated that “new and […]


Students Respond to Parking Issues

Sabanrab Bocaj As Karl Marx said, “Parking passes are the opium of the people.” The day of reckoning has come. After years of abuse, the students of Case Western have risen in revolt in response to the underfunded and largely ignored social issue of on-campus parking. The last straw was […]