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The recent events in Paris remind us that we are extremely fortunate to live in a country where the right to satirize has been fought for and defended. Satire reminds us not to take things too seriously; the best satire makes you laugh, then makes you think. Our hearts at […]


Which elite, jet-setting billionaire business mogul are you most like?

By Quizfeed Staff   1) A childhood friend approaches you with the, “investment of the century,” how do you respond? Take his advice, he’s a trusted friend. Say it’s great advice, but make fun of him to everyone else at the party while wearing your $3,500 suit. Publicly shame him […]

Sneak Peek: The Athenian’s “50 Shades of Grey” Review

By Kara Guyer It’s that time of year folks; the best movies of 2014 have come and gone and a new year is approaching. On Feb. 13, the long awaited “50 Shades of Grey” movie comes to a theatre near you, and the Athenian is here to cover the latest […]


Cleveland Weather gets to Area man; joins fight club to “feel something”

By Sally Hansen “Life is grey and hopeless.” This is the opinion of local 32-year-old Charlie Kaplan. Charlie is a manager at Huntington Bank. He is one of many Clevelanders to have been affected by the lack of sunlight for eight months of every year. “We live in grey, miserable, […]


By Jessica Chalas Nobody really knows whether it’s “Gray” or “Grey.” But let’s put it to a test, shall we? GRAY Once again, we Americans have gone and distinguished ourselves as a superior race, unique from all other nations that dare challenge our formidable size. And no, I am not […]

Things You Should Know

By Martha Stewart You know how there are just those things that you should know, but don’t know the answer to, and it’s too late to ask anyone? Or, questions that you want to ask but you’re too afraid of offending someone? We here at The Athenian would like to […]


Gray: Why people should warn you if it’s on your face

By Kushagra Gupta This didn’t happen to me. But, I just want to say that hypothetically, if you had something gray on your face, you would appreciate someone who was kind enough to notify you of your facial condition. In fact, you might actually consider this person a close friend; […]


Simply Suzan – The Advice Column

By Scott Editor’s Note: Dear reader, Suzan was ill this week so Scott, our intern, will take her place for the issue. Q. Dear Suzan, I divorced my first husband because he just never could respond to me emotionally. I thought my second husband would be much better, but recently […]

Waking Up Colorblind

By Anastazia Vanisko Over winter break it’s always great to look outside and see the world covered in a white blanket of snow. Everything is dazzlingly white. And grey. Many, many, shades of grey, even more than 50. Waking up to a world of white, grey and black is difficult. […]


2014 End of the Year Political Review

By Sabanrab Bocaj This past year has been quite a time for political drama. The controversy over the cyber-attacks on Sony Pictures came to a head when hackers levied threats of terrorism on theaters that were to screen the film “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of supreme North Korean […]