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Issue 80


Color Your Own Artwork

To honor our theme we have provided artwork for you to print out and color on your own:


Colorblindess Test

In order to fully enjoy this issue double check all your color viewing functions are up to snuff.


A Very Butt-tastic Crossword

Clues (themed clues are in bold) ACROSS 1. a children’s toy that you sit on (with your butt) 6. what you might call a butt in Europe 9. as in, shake that (answer)! 10. what you might call someone who looks at your butt a little too intensely 12. haunches […]


A Very Butt-tastic Crossword Answers

TO VIEW PUZZLE CLICK HERE ACROSS 1. Hobbyhorse 6. Arse 9. Moneymaker 10. Perv 12. Hindquarters 15. Bring back 17. Extro 18. Ochoa 19. Horoscope 20. Gobbledygook 24. Eels 25. Indelicate 26. Sass 27. Saltshaker DOWN 1. Hams 2. Buns 3. Yoyoing badly 4. Or and 5. Spelunker 7. Reelection […]



To view the answers click here.


CWRU Art Curator Hard at Work

To see the inner workings of the art scene on campus the Athenian followed the campus Art Curator as they searched for the next stunning addition to beautify the campus.


Campus closure mad libs

2:30 p.m. Campus Closure CWRU Alert  <crwu@getrave.com> To __(noun)__   CWRU Alert: Case Western Reserve University is closing at 2:30 p.m. today because of a __(noun, sing.)__ main break at Euclid Avenue and East 120th Street affecting most __(noun)__ on campus. At this time, the CWRU __(noun, plural)__ does not […]


5 themes that will make your prom a hit

Anastazia Vanisko Under the Sea There’s no way this classic can go wrong. All you really need to do is spread green streamers all over the floor and call it seaweed, then hang some paper fish from the ceiling. If you want to get fancy, you can hire professional actors […]

Play hard, party harder

Hotshot quarterback Johnny Manziel crashes CWRU party scene Aaron Shang This past football season, nearly every single mention of the Cleveland Browns inevitably came attached with the words “Johnny Football,” in reference to the hotshot rookie, Johnny Manziel, who had a way with partying both on and off of the […]


MCAT 2015 to Include Law, Aerospace Engineering

By Farah Rahman Every year, thousands of college students spend months studying for one of the most important exams of their careers: the Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT). Last year, The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) announced the arrival of a new MCAT exam in 2015. The Athenian sat […]

Legendary rainbow sparks legendary search

Paul Palumbo Reports are coming in that an intense rainbow has appeared in the skies above Case Western Reserve’s campus.  Unlike most rainbows, this unimaginably beautiful example is completely opaque. People all over campus have ceased activity and are spending hours simply staring into the sky at the majesty above […]


New CWRU Crayola colors

Paul Palumbo After eliminating many out-of-date colors in its crayon collection, Crayola executives became very inspired by the city of Cleveland and the beloved Case Western Reserve University. Here are a few of Crayola’s newest picks for its college-series coloring collection. Red Pen Red: Be honest, you’ve seen this color […]


The Athenian’s Honorable Mentions

Ideas that didn’t quite make the cut Anne Nickoloff, editor-in-chief Putting together an issue of The Athenian is a process that takes a few weeks. First, we have a brainstorming meeting where anybody is able to sit in with a great group of people, eat food and talk about the […]