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Issue 81


Dog draws dozens to CWRU football field

Paul Palumbo Cat Person Eyewitness reports claim that early this morning there was a puppy frolicking about on the Case Western Reserve University Football field. While there are conflicting statements as to what breed it was, all bystanders agree it was both fluffy and adorable, a dangerously endearing combination. A […]


Spartans take the win in alternative sports

Sabanrab Bocaj Sports Fan? We have those? This season has been lucrative for Case Western Reserve’s alt sports competitors. While many students joke about Case not being well known for its athleticism, they have been pleasantly surprised by the raging success of some of the lesser-known sports teams on campus. […]

CWRU Thoughts

Sabanrab Bocaj/Bird Watcher I’ve always wondered why people treat me differently. I see folks sharing food, and I sometimes wonder ‘What do I do to get some recognition.’ Even though I’m different, I choose to see it as a way to stand out from the crowd.

Classic reviews: “Star Wars IV: A New Hope”

Paul Palumbo Moviephile The story begins with this young guy complaining about something, as tends to happen in movies. I actually missed this part since I was still in line getting popcorn, but the guy sitting next to me whispered that the kid was saying things like, “Be quiet,” and, […]

Eldred Theater presents “Seinfeld the Play: A Show about Nothing”

Al Sononas Self-Proclaimed Theatre Guru From the minds that created “The Three Stooges Radio Drama” comes the best Off-Off-Broadway production of the year in its first premier outside of New York. Clarence Beck, the writer and co-producer, agreed to let Eldred Theater undergraduates put on the show while it’s still […]


Playlist of the Week: American Edition

Anne Nickoloff Head Honcho “Stars and Stripes Forever”—John Phillip Sousa Sousa must have known he had created a hit when he included the word “forever” in this instant classic. It’s still being played all across the country, after all these years. It might not be in the top 40, but […]


Sudoku Puzzle 25×25 Answers

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Sudoku Puzzle 25×25

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Katie Starr Likes Pancakes

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