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Issue 82


Super hero butt answers

Answers to Butt Quiz found here. 1. Storm 2. Catwoman 3. Baymax 4. Hulk 5. Iron Man 6. Black Widow 7. Mrs. Incredible, or Elastigirl 8. Mystique 9. Rocket Raccoon 10. Spiderman

Guess the butt: Superhero edition

By Anne Nickoloff, Editor-in-Chief We all know superheroes by their flashy costumes or rock-hard abs. But probably the third most-defining thing any superhero has is a butt. Furry, green or metal, superhero butts all have something unique to them, something which sets them apart from the average butt and can […]

2 future 4 u: “Back to the Future Part II” got it WRONG

By Anne Nickoloff, Editor-in-Chief Any Buzzfeed quiz will tell you: You know you’re a 90’s kid if A: You know what the “radio” is B: Skateboards C: Your definition of a horror film was “Smart House” And if you don’t know those three things, you’re a BIG PHONY. There should […]

The 6 worst internships

By Tejas Joshi   1. Whole Foods provides several mentally grueling internships. Interns answer questions in-store from concerned customers, such as “How can I be sure that my Finnish sea salt is organic?” or “Is this avocado chemical-free?” The company mandates interns complete classes like “BPA-free GMOs” and “Intro to […]

Student and water bottle vanish

By Anastazia Vanisko Recently, two important items on our campus went missing. A week ago junior Evan McNamee mysteriously vanished on his way from Crawford to Wade. But, even more disturbing, freshman Jess Davi lost her water bottle in Nord. Luckily, the water bottle was found within a few days. […]

Embarrassing phases all 20-year-olds went through

By Jessica Chalas 1. The Sci-Fi Phase In some dark, dusted corner of your abode, hidden but never thrown away, there is a rolled-up poster (or 10) with fringed edges and faded coloring. When the longing becomes too much too bear, don’t be shy; dig through the closet and rediscover […]

The Adventures of Super Squirrel

By Anne Nickoloff, Editor-in-Chief

Top 10 places to live off campus

By Barnabas Brennan Cleveland house prices are low after the housing crisis of 2014. Now’s the time to buy; even Canadians have started investing in Cleveland real estate. If you’re looking to buy or rent, here is our top 10 list of places to live off campus: 1. Downtown. High-rise […]

“Spy Kids 3D: Game Over”… in 2D

By Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava Cortez Today, I found cinema’s greatest masterpiece while browsing through Netflix. What movie features Sylvester Stallone, Danny Trejo, Steve Buscemi, Elijah Wood, Selena Gomez, Emily Osment, George Clooney and Salma Hayek? What movie has spinning pigtails, stick-­on mustaches, wonderfully written deep conversations about […]


Demonic design in dorm demonstrates danger

By Paul Palumbo Students living in Hitchcock 503 made a shocking discovery this afternoon when they found a large pentagram, painted in blood and then doodled on with sharpie, on the wall behind their closet. The pentagram itself is an old Sumerian design which is believed to awaken nearby spirits […]


Teachers who help students

By Sabanrab Bocaj One of the worst things that teachers can do for students is to help them. The college campus is supposed to be a place that encourages students to learn and engage with material and be able to collaborate with faculty and peers in exploration, research and ideas. […]


Area Student found preserved under snow

By Farah Rahman Spring at Case Western Reserve University is a wonderful time- the skies are a touch less gray, the wind a smidge less fierce, and Babs brings out her beloved weather machine so visitors can witness the lovely weather that always blesses Cleveland (except for the occasional April […]