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Issue 84

Controversial “Blue’s Clues” episode receives mixed response from fans

By: David Pendergast The Sept. 7 episode of “Blue’s Clues,” titled “What happened to Tickety?” received social media backlash from fans after it was revealed that Tickety Tock, an important supporting character, had been written off the show. Several hashtags including #BringBackTickety and #RestockTickTock have been trending since the episode’s […]


Area man accidentally shows up to Oktoberfest dressed up as Nazi

By: Sabanrab Nannerb Native Clevelander and History professor Greg Bayer attended a local Oktoberfest celebration this month where he was seen wearing a sleek black 1934 SS uniform. Bayer stated that he mistook the traditional Bavarian folk festival for a German history convention. When he noticed people participating in general […]


Two physician opinions on vaccine-autism link

By: Athenian Staff In light of the controversy that has been recently highlighted due to the Republican debate, we asked a local physician, Dr. Zachary Samuels, for his opinion on whether vaccines cause autism. Another local physician, Dr. Willis Stephens, read Dr. Samuels’ opinion and sent in his response. We […]


Illuminati Sightings on Campus

All photos and captions by Sabanrab Bocaj Edited by Leticia Dornfeld


Dooby Zoo and the gang solve a mystery!

By: Tim Travitz My name is Ned and I’m part of mystery solving crew. Including myself, there’s also Shabby and Dooby-zoo, our speech-impaired brontosaurus. I was reading the headline of our school newspaper, the Onlooker, “Spooky Ghost Haunts Case Western Campus.” “Like Ned, that ghost sure is causing a lot […]


All the entrances to Strosacker … Ranked!

By: Tejas Joshi The Tunnels There are doors at this university which should never be opened. When passing a blocked stretch of hallway elicits a tremulous chill, the wise student does not pause and peer about but scurries on. One such perilous path lies beneath Strosacker Auditorium, where only the […]

Google Incognito man harasses CWRU students

By: Oksinav Aizatsana Midterms can bring about some stress-induced delirium, but for some people it can all become too much. A third-year CWRU student (who wished to remain anonymous in order to preserve his reputation after the publication of this article) recently noticed that the Google Incognito man started talking […]


Disney princesses reimagined as exactly the way they were in the movie they first appeared in

By: Julia Bianco You may think you’ve seen every Disney princess reimagining out there, but there’s still one out there you haven’t see yet! Tumblr user “cataylor_mewoft” recently did the reimagining of all Disney princess reimaginings when she drew the princesses exactly as they looked in the movie they first […]

The Ath Cat Mystery – Editor’s Note

By: Anne Nickoloff, Editor-in-Chief The day the beloved Athenian cat, named Ath, went missing, our first thought was that he ran away, doomed to a life in Uptown Cleveland’s alleyways. When we thought about it though, our mascot and friend had no reason to leave The Athenian’s headquarters in the […]