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Issue 86

Area mom likes every USG facebook status

Riddhi Patel Photo by Barnabas Brennan She is overenthusiastic. She is in her mid to late 50s. And she is decked out in as much Case Western Reserve University gear as possible: sweatpants, zip up, hoodie and hat. She is the CWRU mom. You have seen her around campus and thought […]


The Wifi tax: A month later

Paul Palumbo The recent elections in Ohio last month saw the approval of Issue 1337, which put a tax on wifi and internet usage. While many favored this “Wifi Tax” as a way to increase revenue and limit “antisocial behaviors,” there were those who criticized it as well. Common attacks […]

All of the photos of Babs we could find

Because we can. Photos By Alaina Lisanti

Holidays by the numbers

Numbers collected and presented by Daniel Mottern Egg Nog: Everyone’s favorite holiday drink is finally back in season! Even though the taste of cinnamon and nutmeg are delightful, the most memorable part of drinking egg nog are the hints of regret and disgust for hours afterwards. Ugly Holiday Sweaters: It […]


CWRU offered Black Friday tuition discount

Rocky Codega In an unprecedented move to reduce the cost of soaring tuition fees, CWRU offered a discount on tuition for Black Friday. The Cleveland area university, known for its innovative curriculum and facilities, is experimenting with this new financial aid strategy. Students now had the opportunity to camp outside […]

Packaging to include packaging

By Eric Polhemus Image By Letty Dorrnfield In recent months, a strange new trend has taken the world by storm: double packaging. It is widely agreed that the trend originated with tech giant Apple. “Unboxing the product is one of the most enjoyable parts of buying an Apple device. Why […]

Who said it: Barbara Snyder or Kanye West?

Tejas Joshi   Can you match the celebrity to their quotes? 1. “My music isn’t just music—it’s medicine.” 2. “I have spent a lifetime in higher education for one reason—I believe that universities have the power to shape the future.” 3. “Black people can be the most conservative, the most […]

Holidays on a budget

Adithi Iyengar With the holidays coming up, everyone is pressured to spend tons of money on expensive gifts. Here are 10 gifts to give during the cheap days. 1. A hand drawn card done in the style of your 5-year old self – It’s the thought that counts. 2. Hand-made […]


Local man added to terrorist watch list

Anastazia Vanisko   Area man Quinn Bellandi was recently placed on the terrorist watch list after years of publishing critical analyses of the capitalist system. He discovered this only after a close friend of his at the Department of Homeland Security, Jennifer Perry, could no longer ignore the sense of […]


Twinkie discontinuation hoax spurs bidding war on “Last Twinkie”

David Pendergast On Monday, Sept. 9, the internet was abuzz after a top secret document attributed to Hostess Brands was reportedly leaked. Titled “The End of the Twinkie Era,” the memo describes plans to forever cease production of the sugary treat, as well as an explanation. The official-looking report cited […]


The greatness of K-Cups

Or, the epitome of capitalism Letty Dornfeld Everybody knows that if you are stuck with two cows, the right choice is obviously to sell one and buy a bull, and in no time, you should be able to sell more than enough milk from your constantly-multiplying herd to make Donald […]