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Issue 89



Letty Dornfield

All sports to be replaced with e-sports

Alana Whersh Staff Reporter Apparently some Case Western Reserve University students are still practicing the ancient art of moving around at medium to high speeds with archaic goals such as teamwork or “scoring goals.” I know, I know. I was surprised too. But not all sports are disappearing instead CWRU […]

Provost Announces Tuition Decrease for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Farah Rahman After countless concerns from Case Western Reserve University students about the “skyrocketing costs of education,” complaints of graduating seniors with “crippling debt and loans” and no financial basis with which to “start the rest of their lives,” the provost has announced that CWRU undergraduate tuition will decrease for […]


Shit Case Kids Say Crossword Answers

Across 4. Trigger 9. Teenage 10. Acclaimed 11. Cold 12. Southerner 15. Recycle 17. Calorie 20. Impressive 21. Nerd 23. Paintball 24. Respect 25. Nidgery Down 1. Attackers 2. Heckle 3. Calm 4. Teahouse 5. Incite 6. Gracefully 7. Reminder 8. Cedar 13. Documents 14. Residents 16. Campaign 17. Chivalry […]

Shit Case Kids Say Crossword Clues

Across 4. “_____ warning!” 9. “I just feel like Katy Perry living in a _____ dream.” 10. “The only critically _____ movie I’ve ever seen is ‘The Big Lebowski.’” 11. “It was only like -10 degrees out, not _____ at all.” 12. “I heard him say ‘y’all’ once so you […]



Aries: A late-night text from someone special may set your heart aflutter this weekend, but beware—not every booty call is as bootylicious as it seems. Taurus: Although you may find that your input has been ignored at work for the past few weeks, the new moon is going to bring […]

Cultural appropriation

Riddhi Patel It is very difficult to stay imbedded in the culture you identify with in college and also just in America as well. In a country that is considered a melting pot that enforces policies of assimilation it is hard to stay anchored to your roots. However, there are […]


Let’s talk about doors!

Paul Palumbo There’s a huge problem on the Case Western Reserve University campus that nobody is addressing, and I feel it is my obligation to point out the elephant in the room. CWRU is comprised of many different buildings, with a surplus of doors helping us students get in and […]


Who to choose: An in-depth analysis of the G.O.P. candidates

Jahlyn Reyes-McKinley, A rapidly aging white male I’ve always enjoyed sitting back and watching the political dog and pony show unfold from my gold-plated yacht off the coast of Venezuela, but I say, the tides of this presidential race are even pulling me in. There’s not only a glorified commie, but […]


It could always be worse

Oksinav Aizatsana It’s easy to complain about the world around us. Top 40 music is horrific, a mirror qualifies as art as long as you stick it in a modern art museum, the front-runner for the Republican presidential candidacy refuses to condemn the leader of the Klu Klux Klan … […]


Tobacco Ban Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Phillip Morris As has been reported in other, lesser student publications, the Faculty Senate voted in December 2015 to approve a tobacco ban on the campus of Case Western Reserve University. A late January 2016 Undergraduate Student Government meeting addressed student concerns over the policy, with further clarification that e-cigarettes […]