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Issue 92


CWRU Life Hacks

Riddhi Patel The semester is starting once again, and you have either returned to one of the most sleep-deprived college campuses(1) or you are a newly matriculated student eagerly awaiting the best four years of your life. Well, new or old student, you have stumbled upon the article that will make this […]


A Rundown of the Last “Five” Minutes of Class

Jessica Chalas 5 minutes to freedom You frantically jot down the last bit of information you can salvage before the projector screen goes black. (Funny how professors always seem to be staring straight at you and your frazzled appearance as they exit out of that one Powerpoint slide containing the […]

How to enhance your bus experience

Oksinav Aizatsana Nothing quite compares to the microcosm of city life that you’ll find on a Cleveland bus. Incoming students and veteran bus riders alike never know what they’ll encounter when they step on the HealthLine or the 9. Now that you’ve decided to explore our city using the transportation […]


The Truth Behind CWRU’s Messed Up Clocks

Sabanrab Nannerb The oddly inconsistent clocks hung in lecture auditoriums and hallways around campus have long perplexed Case Western Reserve University students. Why does one stop for two seconds, then jump 15 seconds forward? Why do SAGES seminars stretch on so much longer on Mondays, and why do weekends seem […]

Time Troubles: Alarm Clock Struggles

Staff Reporter Time management is a difficult skill to master. There is not enough time and too much management. In the search for a novel alarm clock system set-up, this exemplary set of alarms was shared from the phone of a Biomedical Engineer. The student indicated they made it to the gym once or twice, and they always make it […]


Editor’s Note

Tejas Joshi No longer able to afford our own heating, The Athenian staff warmed ourselves on the embers from the fire we lit in The Observer’s office space, desperately thinking of a way out of our financial imperilment. Suddenly, I was struck with inspiration. “I have a solution to our […]