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Issue 98


Strong, independent woman refuses to change last name, changes first name instead

Independent woman Marsha Dover is to be married next Saturday. Dover, being a strong woman, took a special trip down to Shaker Heights Municipal Court on Friday to forcefully inform the clerk that she would not be changing her last name and conforming to traditional gender roles. The clerk was […]

Final countdown ends, everyone stunned

Alaina Lisanti The myriad of guests at The Jolly Scholar’s ‘80s Night cheered in excitement as the opening chords to Europe’s classic “The Final Countdown” rang through the restaurant this past Thursday. A select few, both sober and not-so-sober alike, set their food and drinks aside and took to the […]


Editor’s Note

Tejas Joshi All good things must come to an end. Coincidently, The Athenian is ending too. To be honest, I never expected to have to wrap things up so soon, but I suppose that, eventually, every Editor in chief must make like an executioner and head off. Sadly, dear readers, […]