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Summer Manifesto

What’s a Little Addiction?

My first Nintendo was a hand-me-down original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) from my older sisters. They had no use for the console and I did. I immediately took to the newness of videogames, celebrating the ritual of blowing the air out of cartridges before jumping around as an Italian plumber […]

On Riff Raff’s Behalf: Where’s His Monies?

If you were to compare rapper Riff Raff to actor James Franco, you wouldn’t immediately see many similarities beyond the fact that they are both Caucasian and are both men. That said, if you put Riff Raff next to Alien, a character portrayed by James Franco in the 2012 movie […]

Once Bitten, Too Shy Shy

I reach in and pull out of the pop culture miasma the subject for this column… vampire books. Here I go again: writing on books a couple hundred years after most people have stopped caring about them. Actually, it is funny you should mention it; I found it a little […]


The Beachgoer’s Woe

I tend to save disc golfing for the hotter days, and it isn’t until those days that I remember that, unlike going to the beach, disc golfing may seem like a great idea but is actually best delayed for 60 degrees. But as I leave the park, sweaty and exhausted, […]

The Official Decree

Regardless of where you are in the world, complaining is perhaps everyone’s biggest pastime. Whether it be big or small, we can always find something to complain about. I assure you that, here at CWRU, we’re nothing particularly special. Don’t believe me? Just listen to an upperclassman conversation for about […]