Celebrity Voices: Rebecca Black Friday

Reported by Tejas Joshi

For today’s issue, esteemed musical talent Rebecca Black thoughtfully provided readers with a rare glance into her mind during her very unique Fridays:

Oh my god! I love waking up for school today because it’s Friday! Usually I set my alarm early, but I don’t wait for it to go off because I usually don’t sleep anyways. On Thursday nights, I lie awake counting the hours and minutes left until midnight strikes. After that, I’m too excited to even think of sleeping; I just lie there, basking in the knowledge that Friday has finally arrived. Sometimes, I don’t sleep on Wednesday nights either just to be safe.

But it’s time to go to school. I gotta get fresh and go downstairs for breakfast. I hope my mom made me my favorite cereal! I haven’t eaten Coco-Puffs since umm. Since … wait… let’s see. That was two days ago, and today is Friday, so… one sec…Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday…right. ! Well, I’m not so strong on the weekdays, but believe me, I know my weekends by heart. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. See?

In any case, next I gotta go down to the bus-stop to get with my friends. I love the looks of jealousy and admiration I get from the other kids who are actually waiting for the bus at the bus stop, when my friends come to pick me up. Sometimes, when I’m really lucky, we run late and then pass the bus on the way to school. When that happens on my Fridays, a not-at-all strange adult I know, somehow, raps about it. But anyways, I usually have to deal with a more pressing issue. Which seat should I take?

If I sit in the front, I would have a good time kickin’. However, the back seat offers a more restful but still fun place for sittin’. I chose the back seat which, now that I think of it, is a good choice because I haven’t really had any sleep and the other car seats are all full anyways. I try to not think about school because it kinda goes against my whole central dogma that Fridays are meant as days to ‘get down.’ I later pass the school bus again on the way home. After that it’s pretty much just partying, partying yeah, looking forward to the weekend and going out to get some Chinese food.

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