Cleveland Condemned …Maybe

Anastazia Vanisko

A group of grumpy Clevelanders have decided that there is no chance for their home to rebuild into something better. Their project, deemed “Project DestroyCle,” claims that if Cleveland wants a fresh start, it will need to be destroyed and built anew.

After many discussions about the best possible way to do this, two prominent options appeared: burn the city down or tear it down. Both options are equal in cost, so money hasn’t been a factor in determining which path to take. There are significant difficulties regardless, though.

If burning down the city is chosen, there are concerns about how well the city will burn. There have been some weather issues recently, and the city may by too wet to torch. Or maybe it would burn very well, but will be contained to only on top of the water. Like when the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969. Considering that the only thing that grows in Cleveland is the pollution level, the city is going to look into water cleanliness levels before pursuing the fiery demise option. On the bright side, if the buildings burned efficiently, Clevelanders would be able to build right over the ashes.

The alternative, tearing the city down, also has potential problems. If people come through with bulldozers and wrecking balls, there’s a decent chance that someone’s home will be destroyed in the process. In fact, it’s nearly inevitable. This is also a danger with the burning option, but somehow that was overlooked in the section of the city officials’ reports discussing potential risk. Taking a wrecking ball to buildings would also leave large amounts of rubble to build over, and as the rubble fell it might damage the roads. Considering how horrible Cleveland roads already are and the lack of work being done on them, it would be best to not to expand any potholes.

At this point, Project DestroyCle doesn’t look very promising. It seems that Clevelanders will have to somehow find the motivation to fix their city without destroying it.

In contrast, Project DestroyDetroit has received almost enough funds for similar endeavors; hopefully this project will be rolling by summer of 2015.

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