Clinton’s unveils new tactic to win millennial votes

Riddhi Patel

Running for president is hard. That is a statement we can all agree wtih. It is time-consuming, emotionally draining and stressful. Running for president also means you have to inspire people to vote. That can be extra hard when appealing to the 18-29 age demographic.

In the 2012 election, voter turnout for the 18-29 age demographic was 40 percent, the lowest of all age ranges. The small amount of college undergraduates who are registered to vote (one in 14 at California PolyTech Institute) could make or break this election, and both candidates know this. As a result, Hillary Clinton has taken it upon herself to inspire the youth and increase voter turnout.

Clinton has been in the political game for some time now and knows a thing or two about persuasion. This is the woman who becomes southern in a manner of minutes when trying to impress a crowd in the states below the Mason-Dixon line. To appeal to younger voters, Clinton made references to Pokemon Go!, talked about emojis and used snapchat.

America’s potential grandmother-in-chief is not alone, of course. Other candidates have also tried their hardest to impress young voters. Ben Carson made a rap ad, Ted Cruz impersonated Homer Simpson, Jeb Bush tweeted about Star Wars and Bernie Sanders danced for Ellen. Now that the election is down to the former Secretary of State and the billionaire real estate tycoon, the pressure for Democrats to increase voter turnout amongst millennials is at its height.

In order to help millennials understand she is on our side, Clinton has also picked up a new youth-friendly habit: vaping. You heard meshe vapes now. For those of you who live under a rock, vaping is the new hip way to smoke either cannabis or tobacco. You can get high without the fear of blackening your lungs and developing cancer. All the kids are doing it now; there are plenty of memes. What better way to understand the young voters than by learning from the internet and understanding their favorite mode of communicationmemes?

So this election, Hillary has shown millennials not only that she can adapt to hip new trends, but that she is also one of them. What better reason to vote for someone to become president of the United States than the fact that she understands youth culture? She vapes, now I vape, we all vape. For that reason, I will be casting my vote for the person I most want to vape up with, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. You should, too.

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