Cultural appropriation

Riddhi Patel

It is very difficult to stay imbedded in the culture you identify with in college and also just in America as well. In a country that is considered a melting pot that enforces policies of assimilation it is hard to stay anchored to your roots. However, there are dangerous new trends that are practiced by majority groups that not only make minority groups feel ashamed but also tarnish our cultural practices.

What the majority group is doing is called cultural appropriation and it is a big issue. Cultural appropriation can be something small like getting a temporary tattoo in Chinese or something serious like wearing a Native American headdress. These types of cultural appropriation are targeted towards different racial and ethnic groups.

While it is unfortunately believed that culture only encompasses different racial and ethnic groups, this is not true. Culture exceeds the traditions and practices participated by people of common ancestry. Culture can also belong to people who are part of a certain activity that has a deeper meaning such as yogurt culture.

Yes, eating yogurt is a culture. It is not limited to just women trying to lose weight and the 100-calorie brands. It is full of yogurt lovers who see past a the food as for diets only. Yogurt culture is being appropriated, specifically Greek yogurt. The craze for Greek yogurt has swept the nation and started a new movement towards making all yogurt Greek.

Greek yogurt is not something you can just start eating and suddenly understand. No, it is much more complicated than that. Eating Greek yogurt and participating in Greek yogurt culture are very different. It is more about eating yogurt for a cause and not just eating it.

People who eat Greek yogurt are not only eating yogurt–they are participating in a greater cultural movement. Greek yogurt eaters understand that yogurt eating is about more than just eating but also embracing what yogurt eating means to your name and that if you eat yogurt you are accepting a label that entails negative connotations with it. This is necessary in order to become a decent participate in yogurt culture. Therefore you must become instilled in yogurt culture specifically Greek culture that encompass a chunky yummy yogurt that is mixed with honey and other condiments that are completely wrong.

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