CWRU is #2 in the nation for Athenian readers

Erin Hartmann

Columbus, OhioA recent poll of college students in Ohio has revealed that, amongst the number of undergraduate students that read Case Western Reserve University’s coveted Athenian magazine, the greatest number of readers are Ohio State University students and not, in fact, CWRU students. While it may seem reasonable for the school that produces the magazine to have the most readers, there are five illuminating reasons as to why OSU students are the publication’s biggest fans. When discussing the appeal of The Athenian to non-CWRU students, OSU gender studies major Michael Black stated the following:

  • We have more free time to read. We don’t spend as much time studying; we just wing it and hope for the best.
  • The teachers here like it when we incorporate satire into our written essays and classroom discussions, so the articles really speak to us (our teachers need a laugh after their long days dealing with hundreds or thousands of students).
  • Our campus newspaper regularly uses the ideas found in The Athenian as the basis for our own articles.
  • Having the magazine out on our desks while we sit in class makes our professors think we aren’t on our phones the whole time.
  • It’s actually the only academic journal the library has for us to check out.

A peer of Michael Black, who prefers to remain unnamed, said, “I use The Athenian issues for all research and resource needs required by the school. It’s my go-to for accurate facts and current events in all fields of study.”

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