CWRU Athletics Department changes motto, school


CWRU Athletics Department changes motto, school

Anastazia Vanisko, staff reporter

In a move that no one saw coming because no one attends sporting events on this campus, Case Western Reserve University’s Athletic Department is changing both its motto and the university it affiliates itself with.

“Our football team had a great run this year. No one cared. I don’t even know if I care,” said Amy Backus, chair of the Department of Physical Education and the Athletics Department. “But I think I’d care if we changed schools, so myself, the entire Athletics Department and every Case athlete is going to Carnegie Mellon.”

According to the department’s statement formally announcing its impending departure, the new motto will be, “Yes, we can fill a student section.”

This has long been a goal of CWRU’s Athletic Department, but each year they’ve found themselves farther and farther from the long dreamed-of possibility of filling a student section.

“We’ve actually seen a decrease in student attendance in past years. Parents have been very vocal on this issue. They don’t see the value of playing without an audience,” Backus said with a slight eye roll. “An athletic scholarship just isn’t cutting it as the only reason to play.”

Advocates for athletics at CWRU have pointed out that students often watch sports from indoor vantage points in order to avoid the harsh Cleveland weather. The president of Blue CWRU, Jonah Tarantelli, said, “Upperclassmen often watch football games from inside the Village. The number of people that do that could easily fill a student section. Staying inside is more about staying safe from Cleveland weather than about a hatred for sports.”

The Athenian was unable to verify Tarantelli’s claim regarding the number of students that watch football from the comfort of their suites in the Village at 115. The general apathy of upperclassmen towards university events that don’t provide free food makes the claim unlikely.

As to why the athletics department will be moving to Carnegie Mellon University, numerous athletes cited a general desire to see the rivalry between the two schools spark an overwhelming student response against the move. If this happened, they thought that most student athletes would have felt sufficiently appreciated and chosen to stay at CWRU.

As of press time, most students remain unaware that the Athletics Department ever existed, much less that it had rivalries worth caring about.

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