CWRU freshman signs up for classes without checking Rate My Professors

By Erin Hartmann

Incoming freshman George Hail sat at his computer in the middle of the summer with sweat dripping down his face. His finger on the mouse, he was ready to click “Finish Enrolling” in SIS in the hope of getting all the classes he (and his parents) desired. With the ethernet connected, there was no way anyone was going to get in the way of him getting his classes. He had had his schedule perfectly planned since the day he gained SIS access. He would never have to wake up for 8:15 a.m. classes, and he’d have a clear block of time between classes for a long lunch.

With just one minute until enrollment time, he took deep breaths, meditating with his eyes closed and counting down in his head. The moment came, and he quickly clicked “Enroll,” praying for no internet delays. To his satisfaction, he got all of his classes.

Rejoicing, he took to the Case Western University Class of 2021 Facebook page to boast about his success. He posted his schedule on the page, encouraging fellow students to comment on his post. Notifications came flowing onto his phone and he rushed to check what others said, hoping to see comments full of envy at his ideal, 13-credit-hour schedule. Surprisingly, reactions were mixed. His eyes skimmed down the comments as his smile gradually turned to a frown.

“Wow! So jealous of your schedule! But Professor Baker… I hear he’s super tough…”

“Wish my schedule could look like this…#pre-med life. Looks like we have SAGES first seminar together though. Professor Malley assigns super long essays and grades really hard, but his class was the only one I was able to fit in my schedule. RIP to our first semester GPAs lol”

“Bio with Gates, yikes. She doesn’t allow phones in class”

“Nice schedule bro. Wish I could sleep in like that. Did you not check Rate My Professors though? You have like the worst teachers….good luck dude.”

Upon reading the last comment, his eyes grew wide and he sunk down in his chair. Tears welled up in his eyes as he realized his future classmate was right. How could he have forgotten to check Rate My Professors after all of the hard work he put into his freshman year class plan? His excitement turned to regret. With half the summer left, how was he supposed to look forward to going to college knowing he made such a monumental mistake that could cost him his happiness? A huge cloud hung over him as his sulked upstairs to his room. He told his parents what happened, wondering if it was too late to switch and attend the University of Florida. He buried his head in his pillow, and his parents slyly grinned, knowing full well that he had received tough teachers.

“Aren’t you glad we checked Rate My Professors as we helped him fill his schedule?” whispered his father as he followed his wife back downstairs, leaving their child in angst.

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