CWRU Life Hacks

Riddhi Patel

The semester is starting once again, and you have either returned to one of the most sleep-deprived college campuses(1) or you are a newly matriculated student eagerly awaiting the best four years of your life. Well, new or old student, you have stumbled upon the article that will make this semester the most successful one yet. Here is a list of college life hacks that will help you survive out here at Case Western Reserve University.

1) Do not buy any silverware or plates.

Why waste money on small and unnecessary things like cutlery when you can be old-fashioned and use your hands? Better than that, do not buy any plates. Not even paper. Eat all the food you make on napkins or from the pot you made them in. Chipotle and Leutner also have a lot to offer in terms of “free” cutlery.

2) If you’re drinking, don’t eat.

Drinking on a college budget is hard. The best way to save time, money and calories is by becoming a lightweight. The best way to do this is by skipping meals. So if you’re going out skip the meal and grab a beer.

3) Minimize back pain by not using a backpack.

Lugging around a heavy backpack on the mile walk to class that we have to make every morning takes a toll on your spine. So to prevent all that pain, do not buy a backpack. Just ask classmates for paper and steal pens from offices and friends. If people get annoyed, rotate who you ask in order to divide up your neediness.

4) No AC? Sleep at KSL or PBL.

One of the many disadvantages of underclassmen housing is no AC. Just sleep in KSL or some other building open 24 hours. People may stare, but they will get used to it.


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