CWRU Mad Libs Security Alert

CWRU Mad Libs Security Alert
CWRU Police graciously have given the Athenian an advance copy of the latest security alert in response to our request, but have omitted some pertinent information. Instead of filling in the blanks ourselves, we have taken the liberty of turning the censored form into a mad lib.
Security Alert
Case Western Reserve University Police & Security Services
Location of incident: _________(CWRU Building)________________

Date of incident: 2 October 2014
Time of incident: 2:51pm
Incident description: A(n)______(adj.)__________ victim was confronted by two suspects. One of the suspects

brandished a(n) ____(adj.) ______ _____(noun)_________ and then grabbed her cellular phone. As suspects were attempting

to _____(verb)________ the victim’s ___(noun)_________, a struggle ensued. The victim pleaded with suspects to allow her

to keep her _______(same noun)___________ and offered to pay ________(number)______ dollars to keep it. Suspect #1 accepted the

money but both suspects then began to walk eastbound. A chase ensued which ended when the victim tripped over a ____(noun)________. The victim went to a nearby _____(adj.)______restaurant to alert police.

Suspects were then observed getting on a _____(noun)_______ and riding northbound. The victim sustained a minor

injury to her _____(organ)________ and was treated at University Hospital.

Suspect description:
Suspect 1 – Male, 18-20YOA, 5’ 6”, _______(number)_______ lbs, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and dark ______(noun)______.

Suspect 2 – Suspect #2 was apprehended by police shortly after the incident.
Additional information: Cleveland Police responded and will continue the investigation.
Information provided by: CWRU Police Department

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