CWRU Police institute frantic search for security alert

CWRU Police institute frantic search for security alert
By: Tejas Joshi, Staff writer

CLEVELAND—Case Western Reserve University Police spent several hours today participating in a Cleveland-wide search for a security alert. While reports from other institutions, such as Cleveland State University or Nicki Minaj, had been located within minutes of the story breaking at around 4 p.m., it would be not until 6:04 p.m. that the security alert was finally located in students’ inboxes.

Many students and community members were angered by the long delay to locate the security alert. University administrators and police explained their initial plans for a search party had to be put off so that they could first focus on recovering an alert from the Case Western University Student Government and several Facebook posts by your friends.

In response to critics, police spokesperson Jeremy Michelson explained “Usually we just recover on-campus security alerts off-campus and off-campus ones not at all. In addition, we still try to follow a don’t ask, don’t tell policy regarding student safety issues. Really, you should be happy that we’ve managed to locate the security alert at all.”

In any case, he noted that at least this year’s hunt is a big step up from last year’s debacle, referring to the incident when a security alert regarding a Security Officer assaulting a graduate student went missing for over a day.


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