CWRU wants you to put the “I” in “iClicker”

By Sarah Parr

The mark of a dedicated student whose eyes are set on success is the amount of money they are willing to invest in their education. Faculty and employees at Case Western Reserve University know this well. For this reason, the University Bookstore decided to raise the price of iClickers to $3500 per unit for this upcoming school year.

Angel Henderson, Director of Bookstore Operations, says that iClickers are an important investment, and CWRU students typically use them “so much that those little multiple-choice boxes end up paying for themselves, by the time graduation rolls around.” Henderson attributes that heavy iClicker usage to the “40 or more credit hours that some students take every semester.”

One of the goals of this new price is to really encourage our students to take proud ownership of their college experiences, especially academic ones,” said Henderson. “We want CWRU students to put the ‘I’ in ‘iClicker.”

Every year, more CWRU faculty decide to use iClickers in their classes, so you’d best buy one as soon as you can before the price increases again ever so slightly for the 2018-2019 school year.

Billium Taesich, U.S. Department of Education representative, thinks that iClickers are changing the education game and should be treated accordingly.

Taesich pointed out that whether a student is studying engineering, psychology or business, there is a good chance that they will take a few lectures that require an iClicker. This is just another great part of becoming an iClicker user: students majoring in different fields find common ground.

“iClickers enhance the classroom experience: they enable hundreds of students to contribute their thoughts at once and earn participation credit without taking more than a couple of minutes,” Taesich gushed. “Besides, how else are your professors going to trust that you aren’t skipping their classes?”


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