Dear editor, Grievances for this issue of “The Observer”

So my typical morning starts out like this: I wake up after tossing around on my queen sized bed, still chuckling at the memory of my freshman self hopping off the twin-XL bed lofted so high that jumping off the bed was like taking a leap into the big blue Pacific Ocean. I wash up and quickly head downstairs to my favorite place on campus—the Village Starbucks.


But before I head to the barista to order my delicious heaven-in-a-cup, I will always walk past the WEPA machine to pick up one of my absolute daily necessities.

The sight of it lying on the black metal racks is enough to make my heart skip a beat. This particular day, I bend down and reach for my very own copy of the newest issue of the Observer. The familiar blocks of color made me excited for the hours I would soon spend in Starbucks, flipping, reading and re-reading every single article printed. My favorite article ever you ask? Unfortunately, I am not able to give you an answer because so many articles, so many issues, hold special places in my heart. I did not peek while waiting for my coffee, trying not to spoil to myself what the front-page article is about. After experiencing what felt like the longest 45 second wait for my coffee, I rush to the empty couch without even saying thanks to the barista.


As I skim through this April issue of the Observer to prepare for all the goodies that my eyes and brain will soon be absorbing, I feel something slightly off. The issue didn’t feel as factual, informative or engaging as it usually does. I read one article and was left perplexed. As I read article after article, I realized that every single one was full of sarcasm and satire. Each one sounded rude and inconsiderate. Opinions presented were derived from nonsense and articles were backed up by non-existent factual evidence.


Editor! What were you on while putting together this issue? It is one thing to give opportunities to newcomers who are not experienced in the journalistic field, but having a group of sarcastic and juvenile writers hold up a whole issue of the Observer?! What were you thinking?


As a loyal reader who has never missed a single issue, I have to express that I am utterly disappointed. The quality of the writing was subpar. The sarcasm was unbearable. The jokes were unnecessary and rude. This is not the image of the Observer that you, as the editor of the most prestigious paper on campus, should present to the public. Condescending, irritating and deceiving. Yes! That is the image that was presented. I feel betrayed and mistreated, like a normal person seeking professional treatment given a faulty color-blind test!


Nonetheless, I know that this singular, unsatisfactory issue will not defeat my devotion to the Observer. I will continue to be supportive. Having expressed my thoughts and opinions regarding April’s issue, I really do hope that as the editor, you will step up your game. Stop slacking and bring back the original writers and journalists who are familiar with what the paper truly stands for. Refer this issue’s writers to the Athenian and wish them luck there.




Jenny Lin
Observer Reader

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