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Whatever Casserole
“I can’t believe it’s not Leutner!”


  • Tuna, approximately two cans. (Or chicken, if you don’t like fishy things.)
  • Pasta. (Whatever sounds right. Egg noodles are best. I use three large handfuls of egg noodles, but I won’t tell you how big my hands are.)
  • Crunchy things, enough to fill a baking sheet. (Potato chips, French fries, mozzarella sticks, fried onions. Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s fried. The extra can go in your mouth directly.)
  • Condensed cream of mushroom soup—a can or two. (I usually use half to one can.)
  • Cheese, a cup. (My preference is cheddar to match the crunchies.)

    Prepare pasta according to directions on packaging (or, if you’re feeling cool and don’t have a stove, you can put it in a bowl with water and microwave for a while. Good luck!). Drain. Mix in everything else but the crunchies. Top with crunchies. If crunchies are too big, crumble/slice them before adding. Top with cheese. Enjoy!


“Be the envy of your 1:15 class!”


  • Whatever pizza Leutner served last night (sneak it out in a Tupperware)
  • Bread
  • Crunchy things. Chips, fries, mozzarella sticks, etc. See above.
  • Cheese (pepper jack, preferably)

    Make sandwich with everything on it. From bottom to top: Bread -> pepper jack -> pizza -> crunchies-> pepperjack -> bread. Does not need to be heated to eat, just like Lunchables.


There are never enough noodles.


  • 1 pack of ramen (As much as I like Shin Ramen, something not spicy works best here)
  • Some Asian noodles. Or another pack of ramen.
  • Green things. Vegetables? Shanghai/baby Bok choy works well here.
  • An egg, hard/soft boiled, raw.
  • Beef/pork if you want to be fancy.

    Boil water for the Asian noodles. Cut baby bok choy in half, and wash well. Three minutes before the noodles are done, add in the bok choy. When noodles are one minute from being done, drain and set aside. Boil some water for the ramen. Don’t add too much or you’ll have too much soup. When the water is boiling, add the ramen, and cook according to directions on the packaging. When the noodles are 1 minute from being done, add in everything else, including egg. Beef/pork can be prepared however you want (can be boiled with the water used before ramen to add flavor). And eat! Hurray!


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