Editor’s Note (March 1st)

Once upon a time, there was this magazine. The people that work there now aren’t really sure how things were done back then as, at that age, they didn’t have InDesign or a good PDF reader, and Word, let’s admit it, sucked (but, that’s apparently how everything was done). It was like the technology black hole and a history black hole. Up until three years ago, the inordinate length of time before that may as well be called the lost ages. That’s how well it was documented. It’s mostly assumed that the paper just appeared in the staff member’s office at random times during the semester and someone would instruct the minions to drag them onto campus to get some air (and, for some reason, thought himself fit to be called the Editor-in-Chief).

This magazine without a history is The Athenian and we, I guess, are those people that work there now.

While I appreciate history in a broad sense  – people coming back from the dead, every single French disaster, Hello Kitty taking over Japan, and so on – I find that you can’t let it define you completely. You also have to let hopes and dreams in there to guide you – something about looking towards the future, as most politicians would say. But to us, that’s some lovely bullshit. You see, the problem is that we don’t really know where we’ve been and, thus, if we let it define us, we’d be like an unformed blob of complete chaos and disaster. All we know is that we were named after Athens, because Case is (and were) the Spartans. Even from the start, we know that our predecessors were trying to be obnoxiously difficult.

Now we’ve started changing. We’re online, we don’t look like complete trash, and we even have a fun page (that people debatably care for – we’re not at the point where people pick us up just to do the Sudoku puzzles in the middle of class). With this issue, we welcome the Athenian Cat, Ath, who comes to stand with Captain Athenian as one of our notable cast members. We’re still continuing to throw money at people and, for some reason, I don’t think it’s caught on yet. But we still have a lot to do.

We don’t really have a place to call home, Dropbox is constantly full (and it’s completely my fault), and I’m pretty sure the older half of the campus still thinks of us as fire starters. I don’t blame the newer part of campus for not knowing our name – I’d get overwhelmed with all the literature that’s thrown about too. But then what else is new this month – a bad choice in the Oscars, another bad TV show, another bad joke that I probably made? That said, with those bad jokes, I doubt my editor’s notes will ever be all that funny (yeah, yeah, the editor of the humor magazine is bad with the on paper funnies) but they’ll be slightly more somber. It’ll be the one thing in this magazine that’s real, and that’s because I’m talking to you. Yes you, my dear Case students and we want to know what you want to hear. Because, let’s admit it, laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

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