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Anne Nickoloff


I’ve been a member of both The Observer and The Athenian for four years, and it’s been an interesting combination.

Sometimes it’s hard to juggle my current positions as the editor-in-chief of The Athenian and the director of print for The Observer. One publication is satire, and one is sort of news. One is completely fake, and the other is mostly not fake, usually.

Really, the most difficult part of simultaneously being in these two positions is when people confuse my squirrel comics.

(Also difficult: People misunderstanding my squirrel comics as an obsession. I’m not obsessed, I just really, really like squirrels, okay?)

As a publication, The Athenian has had its ups and its downs, but every year, the April issue is a highlight for me and many other members of the publication. Making fun of The Observer is basically The Athenian’s true calling; we wait for this time all year to finally unleash our inner fury towards the paper format.

And yeah, I work for the paper alongside The Athenian, as do a few other staff members—inner fury still exists for us, too.

This April issue is tricky because The Observer is, occasionally, funny. What the heck are we supposed to do when The Observer writes about serial poopers and sugar daddies, when the horoscopes already don’t make any freaking sense?

When it comes to being actually funny, well, only a few members on staff actually consider themselves to be actually funny. The rest of us, myself included, try to get by on puns, memes and butt jokes.

Here’s a taste of failure: One time I tried to do a bit about scuba diving in Lake Erie. I told the story about going underwater to find treasure, and thinking it was raining, but it wasn’t because I was underwater. And that was the punchline. Or something. (I don’t really know where I was going with that.)

Anyway, happy April Fools’ Day. We gave this issue our best shot; hopefully it confused you, like we wanted it to. And if it didn’t, or if you’re enraged by something we did, go post on YikYak about how annoying we are or something.

To all the funny people out there, I salute you. Also, maybe you should join us. You’d get some free pizza and good times out of it, at least. I know I did.

Anne Nickoloff

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