Feminism FTW: Man ignores woman’s obvious flaws on first date

Jejas Toshi

Well this is seriously amazing! When Melissa Osten went on her first blind date, she knew that despite her nervousness she was having a good time. In fact, she was having a surprisingly good time and it took her a few minutes to realize what was so surprising about her conversation with her date, Bailey Zhang. She suddenly realized that as the conversation went on, he never mentioned any of her obvious physical or mental faults.
That’s right, he made no mention of her sunspotted knees, spindly fingers, or disproportionately oversized head. At no point over their dinner did he point out the stain on her Louis Vuitton purse, horse-like teeth or childish overuse of the word ‘like.’ In fact, he never even carefully and confidently told Melissa that her laugh sounded like hogs being crushed to death in an avalanche!
Chalk that up to a serious win for feminists everywhere.
Her friend, Jess Bonneau, who set up the blind date said that she always knew Bailey was a sweet guy. They had met in a scuba-diving class when, after the diving instructor asked Jess to help him calculate figures on a decompression table, he stayed in the course instead of storming out in a fit of rage at being helped by a women. Still, Jess reports that she was thrilled to hear about how the date went and that she had never expected this to happen!
Say goodbye, patriarchy!
Asked about the experience, Bailey explained that the shortcomings were—of course— obvious to him, but he just didn’t subscribe to the notion that he should have paused the conversation to painstakingly enumerate all of the flaws in his date in graphic detail. He admits that he almost blurted out “Your hair looks like someone took a weedwacker to a hairball!” during Melissa’s prolonged anecdote about her recent trip to France, but he managed to cover his mouth with the crook of his elbow in time and disguise the comment as a brief coughing fit.
Yes. Just yes.
So whether you’re flat-nosed, a limp hand-shaker, greasy-haired, a driveling moron or have any other obvious inadequacies, everyone can agree that this is a BIG win for feminism. While change isn’t always easy, hopefully this story will inspire more people to ignore more flaws!

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