Final countdown ends, everyone stunned

Alaina Lisanti

The myriad of guests at The Jolly Scholar’s ‘80s Night cheered in excitement as the opening chords to Europe’s classic “The Final Countdown” rang through the restaurant this past Thursday. A select few, both sober and not-so-sober alike, set their food and drinks aside and took to the floor to dance in a display of enthusiasm, though most simply sat alert.

A sense of impatience hung in the air as the song progressed, many on the edge of their seats as the minutes counted down to the highly-anticipated climax. The anthemic chorus, powerful instrumentals and tone of urgency in the lead singer’s voice assured listeners that this was, indeed, an important matter: the final countdown.

“It was thrilling to be a part of such a momentous, once-in-a-lifetime occasion,” said one patron. “I had just come to Jolly for some wings and a beer. I wasn’t expecting something like this.”

The guitar solo invigorated all in attendance, as if signifying that this countdown would terminate in something extremely important. However, as the song faded out and a good five seconds of silence followed, everyone was left baffled. Even the opening bars of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” did little to satisfy the crowd. A stillness seemed to cover The Jolly Scholar, and people were left with wide-eyed, puzzled looks on their faces.

“That was it?” another bargoer wondered. “A five-minute countdown just … ended with nothing? Were they trying to fool us or something?”

Most were left speechless, while some voiced their opinions.
“Well, it was exciting while it lasted,” pondered another. “But that was it. Final. There’s not gonna be another countdown and I was lucky to have experienced it, even if the end was a bit underwhelming.”

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