First Lady to be removed for making nation healthy

Riddhi Patel

First she made everyone feel the need to go to the gym to get arms as toned as hers and now she is even trying to control what people eat.

Michelle Obama is on a power trip and she must be stopped.

Some people are supportive and a good amount of others are not. Those who are not usually hail from south of the Ohio River and have strong opinions about everything. These territories include the lovely states of Kentucky ­where they enjoy Kentucky fried chicken and Kentucky derby pie, West Virginia where they have something scrumptious called pepperoni rolls, and the general southern United States. You cannot tell someone from Texas to not carry their gun let alone spit out their deep fried bubble gum ­(and yes, that is a thing there).

The First Lady has a plan set out to reduce the rates of childhood obesity from 20 percent to five percent by the year 2030. She dubbed this plan with the title “Let’s Move!” ­ That sounds kind of demanding to me. The plan includes “recommending” or in other words basically demanding 70 things parents should do for early childhood development. She is now telling us how to parent. The program itself gives educational information to parents about what their children should be eating and how much exercise they should get.

The basis for the program initiative is the new modeling of the food pyramid as a plate called MyPlate. MyPlate tells people to eat mostly vegetables, equal portions of fruits, grains and protein and a small amount of dairy. My issue is where do the fried foods come into this portion and what if I do not want to eat my food on a plate?

To make matters worse, last Easter the First Lady encouraged all Americans to do five things to move towards a healthy lifestyle. Childhood obesity is scary, so taking steps to help children is okay. However, a line has to be drawn when she is asking ALL Americans to make changes. A good portion of these Americans are adults and it can be understood that they can make their own good damn decisions.

Kentucky native and fried food foodie, Burt Barney, had a lot to say about Michelle Obama’s plan for the American diet. “I don’t like it and I don’t like it one bit. I love all foods but take special preference in fried ones and that is not included in Mrs. Michelle’s MyPlate plans. Who does she think she is? The president.“

He is not wrong there, is he? Barney is not alone in his opinions and a recent online petition has arisen with the aim to remove Michelle from her position as the first lady.­ It has already garnered half a million signatures. This just shows how integral our freedom to eat whatever we want is in our lives as Americans.­ I do not think Martha Washington wanted us to eat kale.

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