Freaking hot supermodel realizes that love really is as easy as “123”

Mahima Devarajan

Always under the impression that “ABC” by the Jackson 5 was just a catchy song, bikini model Vanessa Amber realized this was not the case, as she has met and loved four men in the past 13 days.

The on-site Athenian reporters confirm that these men loved her back.

When asked about her romantic success, Amber replied, “It’s just like the song says! Love really is easy! I can just approach anyone after a long day at work and boom! One, two, three and you’re in a loving relationship!”

Amber graduated first in her class at Thomas J. Sullivan’s Modeling School for Underprivileged Overly Operated-On Girls.

Amber left reporters with the sage advice: “If you really believe it is easy, then you can find love!”

After the interview, Vanessa Amber was seen walking away, humming “do re mi, ABC, 123, baby you and me” as a man of remarkable attractiveness opened the door for her on her way out.

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