Goldey Fries and the three ice creams

Written by Sarah Whelan

Once upon a time, a harried and hungry Case Western Reserve University student attempted to retrieve sustenance from the lovable local Leutner. Rushing inside to shelter from the cold, she shook her long golden hair free of snow and looked for a place to defrost. The mats were too wet and the tile was too slippery, but there was a spot beside a floor dryer that was just right. She handed her school ID away backwards and sideways until it beeped just once. “Just right,” said the card swiper, followed by, “Have a nice day now!”

She saw the stir-fry and pasta lines were long and the grill was in between rounds of cheeseburgers, but the home table was just right. She went to get a drink, and while the skim milk was out and there was a line for water, the chocolate milk had the correct ratio of chocolate to milk, for once. Having arrived at an off time, she could hear smooth jazz fill the room, closely followed by hardcore rap, but when T-Swift came on she hummed along, and that was just right. When she looked around for friends to sit with, she searched a while to find someone just right: first, she saw a hard-working person surrounded by a laptop and books (“Too busy!” she said); next, she saw a way too close-for-public couple kissing each other (“Too gooshy!” she said); then, she found three friends from her dorm who waved her over, and that was just right.

After complaining about the food, then test grades and homework, she finally steered the conversation to the ideal weekend plans.

Up for dessert: She saw the cart was coming around and didn’t want to wait, but then they didn’t have any blondies, so she took a normal brownie and headed to the ice cream. There was only one person in front of her, giving her time to survey her options. They didn’t have vanilla or pumpkin, leaving just superhero-birthday cake flavored, superman and chocolate. The decision was difficult, but she took her chances on chocolate and found the edges were hard to scoop but the middle was just right. Adding her brownie to the top of her carefully crafted masterpiece, she triumphantly returned to the table.

After enjoying her long day’s reward of ice cream and 20 minutes of pleasant conversation, she left to find the wind had stopped and glistening snow was lightly falling on the Cleveland winter wonderland. She smiled. “Just right,” she said, and finally stopped procrastinating.

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